Information on Outdoor/Street Based Sex Work

Sex work for some can be a rewarding, life-long career, others engage in sex work merely for the money, and others are pushed into it for various reasons, regardless of how you got into sex work, or why you stay, it’s important to be as safe, sane and consensual in all of your work. This is a guide to help you with ideas around how to be safe, sane and consensual in your work. Don’t feel like you have to follow everything in this guide; your personal level of safety and boundaries are unique to you, and you get to decide your own boundaries, level of safety, etc. So you be you! We try to be very agnostic to who and what you are, and everything below should cover male, female and trans* sex workers.

Customers will almost always want more, unique services, but do not ever let the customer decide your services for you. YOU decide what services you want to offer. If a customer wants to shit in your mouth, from a safety point of view, that’s a bad idea, because shit has all sorts of harmful bacteria in it. That doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t do it, but you should be informed and make a decision about it. If you are comfortable doing it, don’t let me stop you. I’d just recommend that you charge a LOT for that service. It would be wise to see a doctor or health professional afterwards, if possible and taking antibiotics might make sense. Anyways, let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves. Remember you decide what services to provide, and how you want to provide them. Below we will talk about the common services, and try to explain why we recommend certain actions around different services, but first a nice general overview might be in order.

Infection Safety:

Diseases of a sexual nature (STD’s) pretty much suck, and some are life-threatening. Some are skin contagious (meaning just touching infected skin can cause you to get it), like genital warts, bladder infections, etc. Others (like HIV) require fluid exchange, but even a very small, unseen cut/tear in the skin can pass infection. So in general if the customers genitals are totally gross, you probably don’t want to get in on that. You can do web searches for what various genital infections look like, but in general if the body parts involved(genitals/etc) looks or smells icky, has broken skin, leaking fluids, etc. it’s probably best to just stay away and find a new customer. If you aren’t sure, it’s always safest to say no, and go find a different customer without eww going on!

The best way to prevent getting infections is to have a barrier between your body and theirs. To avoid any sort of fluid exchange. Condoms are the most common, but any fluid barrier works, saran wrap, plastic bags, etc. Of course customers tend to frown on barriers, so sometimes you might need to be creative, if you insist on barriers, we will talk more on creative ways to create barriers between you and the customer later on. Otherwise it’s best to make sure you don’t have any cuts/tears/etc on your skin, and to work towards keeping tears/cuts/etc from happening, when you go about your daily life, shaving for instance causes minor cuts on your skin, so if you decide shaving is important, try to do it well in advance of going to work, so your skin has time to heal. An alternative to shaving might be just trimming all the genital hair short. Lube can be a barrier, but it is a pretty crappy barrier, physical barriers work WAY better, but physical barriers AND a lube barrier is safer, so consider requiring lube!

Emotional Safety:

Emotional Safety is important. Find time after customers (especially difficult ones) to relax, reflect and breathe. Try to find other sex workers you can share with, both the funny things and the difficult times. It’s important to share and support one another! SWOP-USA has chapters all over the USA, and can even help you start one, if there isn’t one in your area. If you have trouble reaching out, you can always call our support line: 877-776-2004, we are happy to lend an ear.

Physical Safety:

Keeping yourself physically safe is also important! When doing outdoor work, sometimes we have to run away from bad customers, think about your clothing, especially shoes, lots of shoes for women are not very good to run in, so if you think you might have to run, think about taking them off before you start. Unless you are trained in fighting, fighting should probably be a last resort. Weapons unless trained on how to use them, are generally bad news and can be used against you. Stay awake and aware whenever you are with a customer. Try to talk the customer out of problems before they escalate. Once they start to escalate, keep talking, take a breath and try to stay calm, so you can think clearly. If things do escalate, the best advise is to run away and make lots and lots of noise in the process. Scream a LOT, turn on car lights, honk the horn, etc. Run against traffic and towards people. If running doesn’t work, then you have to either fight or accept whatever they want to do. If you choose to fight, fight DIRTY, eyes, penises, etc are sensitive, make them HURT a lot. Dig your fingernails into them.

Things that can be grabbed, necklaces, scarves, big earrings, etc. Even jackets/hoodies/coats that are not fully zipped can be grabbed down over your shoulders and used to trap your arms. Loose items, bracelets, long flowy skirts, dangling belts, etc can all be caught in things, or grabbed and used to keep you from getting away, or otherwise controlling you. If you have long hair, it can be great to attract a customer, but once you start interacting with the customer, it can get caught in zippers, or be grabbed/yanked. You can quickly put it up in a bun with a chopstick(which also works out as a weapon if you ever have to use it) We strongly suggest wearing your glasses or contacts, if you can’t see what’s going on, it’s hard to stay safe!

When interacting with the customer, it’s a good idea to set time limits as well, if he is high on drugs and can’t get off, you shouldn’t have to suck him for an hour, unless you are getting paid for it! If you offer a blowjob service, also say it’s for up to 10-15 minutes, or something like that. Your time is valuable, not to mention the sore mouth from going down on someone for 30 minutes or an hour!

If you are new to this work, always act like you have everything well in hand, you control the interaction with the client, you start the service you have agreed to and stay in control as much as possible. Fake it till you make it! Act like you have security around, even if you don’t and stay calm if possible.

If you use drugs, it’s a good idea if your customers don’t know it, they can try to play power games, or try to pay with drugs. Cash is way better, it’s more versatile, and you will likely be able to get better drugs cheaper with cash than from a customer. If you inject your drugs, rotate injection sites, use small needles and use a cream/salve to promote healing. This will help hide your drug use from customers, making you more appealing, and helping to avoid the customer trying to control you with drugs.

If you are pregnant, your immune system may be compromised, making STD’s easier to catch, you may consider not offering vaginal sex. If you do, try to keep the penis away from your cervix (so keep your thighs tighter).


Generate a list of services you are willing to do and a price for those services. Stick with your price list. If you aren’t getting any customers after a couple days, consider changing your price list, or changing your appearance, etc. In general the more authentic you are, the more business you will get. Trying to act like you think an outdoor/street worker works is not good for anyone. Your reputation is important, the smaller the city/stroll the more important your reputation is. If you want to keep your reputation high avoid stealing, faking, discounting your prices, etc.

Be visible, but make sure you can see everything as well(good visibility). Be safe when approaching the customer, if they are in a car, don’t get all up in the window, to avoid the customer grabbing you, spitting, etc. Arrange everything (service, price, barriers(condoms/etc) before getting in the car. After negotiation, walk around the car before getting in, look it over, know who else is inside, act(or actually) note the license plate number. Wave to a partner and let them know when you will be back (or pretend to, if you don’t have an actual partner working at the same time).

You may want 2 different stashes of money, your actual stash and the stash the customer sees, so if they decide to rob you, hopefully they will only get the stash they see(i.e. basically only the money they paid you) and not all of your money.

When you get in the car, you get in charge and stay in charge. Initiate everything. Act in control and stay in control. Stay alert. If the customer is drunker than you thought, or you see weapons that make you uncomfortable, it’s not to late to back out and decline. Don’t let your customer get between you and a way out, keep aware of a way out the whole time.

If it’s illegal in your area to engage in the services you provide, be careful with law enforcement. Reach out to SWOP-USA (877-776-2004), we can get you in touch with other sex workers who have been through the whole police experience and can help you understand the process, but we don’t generally have lawyers around and can’t offer legal advice. See our know your rights documents, and our legal resource guide, and we can help you plan for an encounter with the police beforehand. Blowjobs(fellatio):

FACTS: * It is possible to get syphillis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, warts HPV and HIV from a blowjob. * Warts caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) have been linked to cervical cancer in women. * HPV in the mouth can affect larynx and vocal chords. Surgery here is complicated. * HPV is incurable, but warts can be surgically removed. * If you already are sick, your chances of getting HIV or hepatitis goes up. * Last time I read up on getting HIV(aids) from a blowjob, the science suggested it was theoretically possible, but not currently proven to exist without a doubt, so the chances of catching HIV is very very low, but still within the realm of possibility.

Remember we said above that barriers are fabulous ways to keep from catching diseases. If you can get a condom on, this works great, if the customer has a penis, you can try “sneaking” a condom on by putting it in your mouth first. But then you have to distract them from touching their own penis (try having them touch your ass or boobs instead). Be careful if you do “sneak” condoms. It’s way safer physically if you can just get them to agree to a condom, without having to hide it.

Other forms of barriers are just not touching stuff, for instance resting any part of your face(chin, cheeks, forehead, etc) on their genitals, inner thighs, etc. can increase your chance of collecting things like lice, sores, herpes, etc, if they have them. Take movement away from them, they are paying you, so you can do all the work, this gives you lots more control about keeping your boundaries in tact, and gives them less chance of getting abusive, etc.

If you are not using a condom/barrier, then keep your mouth, lips, etc. as wet as possible, your saliva will be a barrier. Try not to swallow your spit, let it get everywhere! The customer will probably like this more anyway. Try to suck and control moves, rather than being slack mouthed and letting them thrust into you, throat tissue is fragile, the shallower you can keep their genitals the better. As for spit or swallow of semen, it doesn’t really matter, but it’s not good to keep the semen in your mouth for a long time, it’s better if it gets all over your face or chest than in your mouth. Afterwards, do not brush your teeth(brushing can create micro-tears/cuts that increase your chances of catching diseases). You can definitely use mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide or hard liquor to gargle; the sooner the better.

Breathe through your nose and don’t close your eyes, you need to be aware of what’s going on. Plus many customers like eye contact.

If deep throating of penises is a service you provide, try to make a straight line from your chin to neck, which can be hard from the passenger seat unless you get your knees up on the seat and crouch. If deep throating isn’t a service you provide, keep your chin down near your chest, this limits how far the penis can get in your mouth.

If you are doing this inside of a car, try to be next to a door, that is open/partially open(to give you more room and an easier escape if required). Don’t get down in the footrests if you can avoid it, bad customers can trap you down there very easily. Get your knees up on the seat, that will give you much more control over their movements as well as your own, and give you an easier way to escape if required. Another option is to be outside the car squatting while the customer stays in the car. Much easier for you to run away if needed, and the customer has less control of their movements.

Penises in general will tighten the scrotum(balls) right before ejaculation(coming). Also, penises tend to thrust when they ejaculate(come), so be aware of that in regards to your comfort (especially around deep throating). If using a condom or other physical barrier, keep pressure around the base of the penis until you are ready to remove it, to avoid semen(ejaculate) from leaking out and getting all over you, which besides being potentially gross is another barrier from disease (if it never touches you, it can’t infect you). If you were sneaky about getting the condom/barrier on, remember you have to be sneaky about getting it off as well. Hiding the used condom/barrier in your purse and disposing of it later is probably the best way.

Penis/Vaginal Sex:

If you have the penis, chances are you are not an outdoor sex worker to a customer with a vagina wanting vaginal sex, but just in case: the dangers to you are much less than if you have the vagina. Lubricated Barriers(lubed condoms!) are important, and you may find that many women are not well versed with their vagina especially if they are paying you, so reading everything below is also good for you to know. Practice staying hard and find things that work for you to stay hard. Some things that might work, are squeezing the base of the penis, gentle massage of the balls(testicles), or the prostate gland. If you have a problem staying hard, you can fake it with a rubber band, cock ring or squeezing the base of the penis, but be careful of keeping them on to long, or making it to tight. If you are a customer and are reading this, then be clean(WASH that dick!) and respectful, don’t push our boundaries, if we say no, accept it and find a different sex worker that will provide the service you want. Birth Control: It’s basically always possible to get pregnant. Regardless of birth control methods, menstruation timing after what you thought was menopause, etc. The only 100% proven birth control is keeping penises and ejaculate(semen) away from your vagina, or having a surgery that removes the possibility.

All birth control has different pros and cons and you should consult a health professional and make an informed decision. Birth Control methods are out of scope of this document, but we will mention a few things: * Female condoms can be re-used, but should be cleaned with warm soapy water between uses, and should obviously be free of tears, etc. * Penises generally can not feel a diaphragm that is inserted properly, but they can feel a cervical cap. * Douches (of any ingredient) are not proven to be helpful in birth control and are generally not recommended. If you feel you need to douche, please wait until AFTER you are finished for the day.


Lubing everything (say with a lubricated condom), including inner thighs can keep the friction down and add a barrier. Spit can re-hydrate it and make it slippery again. Also, keeping the penis pointed towards the middle of your back is usually the least friction producing position(for you).

Things you can do to keep your bladder or vaginal infections down: * limit Speed, Cocaine, caffeine(soda, tea, coffee) and sugar. * piss(Urinate) frequently, ideally before and after; use hands on abdomen to press last drops of urine from the bladder. * If you wear panties/underwear try to keep it clean and loose fitting cotton. – If vaginal sex is one of your regular services, it’s probably better to just go without during work, it lets you dry out between customers, less to move/remove to fuck, and customers generally like it. * Eat yogurt. * Yogurt or a whole, unpeeled garlic clove in the vagina will kill yeast (candida) infections. * drink unsweetened fruit juices(citrus and cranberry are good ones). * Take Vitamin C pills. * shower or bathe daily, using unscented soap on vagina, and don’t insert into the vagina. * Wipe front to back after pissing and shitting. avoid getting shit(feces) on/in the vagina. * use a water-based lube.

Treat infections as soon as possible, they can cause small cuts in the vagina and will increase your chances of getting more serious STD’s including HIV and hepatitis.


Try making condoms/barriers sexy, put it on with your mouth, tell them they will last longer, you will fuck longer, you are an expert and will make it awesome, or appeal to their sense of honor and safety for them as well.

Putting yourself on top and facing the customer, gives you control of movement, and limits your customers movement, all great in case you need to get out fast, and also lets you keep an eye on their hands/movements. When starting, spread your labia yourself, before inserting the penis, this helps prevent tearing.

Keeping one hand on the base of the penis will give you better control and help keep him hard, limit depth, reduce trauma, keep your labia spread and will keep the condom on. Just like with blowjobs, keep pressure on the base of the condom, so it doesn’t leak out until your vagina and body are well away from the penis, and then remove and dispose. If you are not using a Condom, get off the penis quickly, to avoid as much semen as possible from sticking around in your vagina.

If you want to keep the depth of the penis low, keep your thighs together.

ANAL, SCAT and assholes(anuses)

Anal sex is the best sex to have if you want a disease. Not only is shit(feces) known to have all sorts of bad for you bacteria(even your own), anuses also tear very easily, and as we all know (if you read above), STD’s love cuts(tears), because fluid exchange is the easiest way to get infected. So this is a very dangerous activity to engage in with customers. It’s MUCH safer if it’s not your asshole involved, and for you to be the penetrator.

Things that go in the anus doesn’t get to play with anything else. Anything that goes in the anus should be considered hazardous, radioactive material until well washed and clean.

To minimize tearing of the asshole: * relax the sphincter(the asshole), if it’s tight it’s easier to tear. * Use LOTS and LOTS of WATER BASED lube, seriously, you can’t use too much. * Empty the anus before shoving stuff inside of it. The shit(feces) will get compacted, making shitting afterwards difficult. * limit the depth (keep a hand back there), to keep the compaction of shit(feces) to a minimum.

If you have the anus being fucked(penetrated), you want to be on top, and in control. Face the customer, 1 foot on either side of the waist and squat, this will straighten your colon making it less painful. When being entered for the first time exhale slowly and push down like you are going to shit, that will help relax all of your anal muscles. If you feel like you need to use an enema beforehand, only use warm water, and try to do it hours beforehand. You might leak afterwards, if you do, treat leaking stuff as hazardous, you can use a pantyliner to capture it all, but keep it well to the back, you don’t want the leaky shit(feces) to get up and close with your genitals.

If you are the penetrator, a hard penis(or object) goes in better, in “penis/vagina sex” we have a paragraph about staying hard, read it. If it’s your fingers, try not to have long fingernails, they will tear the barrier and then the tissue and then get more up close and personal with shit and fluid and any STD’s that might be rocking the customer. Wash your hands afterwards, really well.


If it’s your tongue, definitely try to use a barrier: condom(can cut lengthwise to make bigger), saran wrap, female condom(you can cut them lengthwise to make it flat), etc. You can still totally catch diseases(most notably hepatitis A/B). Mouths have lots of bacteria, and can have cuts/tears from brushing/flossing, etc. Shit(feces) will definitely have bacteria that’s harmful.

You can probably fake it: spit on your knuckle and go to town, but obviously your face still has to be down there, which may not be your thing.

For all other types of asshole(i.e the customer being an asshole) we recommend avoiding them, they are always more trouble than they are worth, find a different customer.

Cunnalingus (eating pussy):

A Barrier is recommended, mouths have lots of bacteria, and can have cuts/tears from brushing/flossing, etc. Also, biting will create cuts/tears and can lead to infection/STD’s.


Urine is mostly sterile. It’s recently been proven to not be sterile in some circumstances however. That means it’s possible a bacteria can be transferred with the urine. It’s probably safe to get in your mouth and drink/swallow it, however it’s not recommended. For outdoor sex workers, it’s probably better to be the one pissing(urinating) on the customer, as it stinks, and it will be hard to clean off of you and attract another customer.


This guide was mostly written by a trans* sex worker who has done outdoor sex work. Lots of information was taken from Berkeley NEED and L. Synn Stern.